Safeway Thanksgiving Dinner in 2024 (Exclusive Turkey+Prime Rib)

Safeway’s Thanksgiving dinner menu is everything you need for this holiday season.

The extraordinarily delicious yet simple items with some incredible side dishes would satisfy your hunger and your soul!

You would want to relish these Holiday foods rather than cooking one yourself at home.

It doesn’t matter if you are hosting guests or dining with the family on Thanksgiving eve, this dinner menu will add one more thing to be “thankful” for!

Even though the Holiday meal menu consists of just 4 options, they are well-thought-of and perfectly balanced. The prices are also affordable.

So, what more do you need for your Thanksgiving eve?

In the first dinner menu, “The Homestyle Turkey Dinner”, you would get a large (around 10-12 lb.) fully cooked turkey with home-style turkey gravy and your favorite holiday sides.

This is the right meal to serve to a crowd of 6-8 people.

But if you want to enjoy a quiet dinner of just two, nothing could be better than the “Turkey Breast Dinner” from Safeway’s Holiday menu.

Consisting of 3.5 lb. boneless turkey breasts with gravy, stuffing, and sides, this platter would never disappoint you.

When you want something different for Thanksgiving other than the traditional turkey, you can always pick the “Prime Rib Dinner” menu from Safeway.

As per the name, it comes with a 3-4.5 lb. Prime rib roast (fully cooked) to quench your holiday spirit.

Perfect for a gathering of 5-6 people, this item also contains other side dishes for an enjoyable Thanksgiving eve!

Safeway’s Thanksgiving Dinner menu also offers a platter for hosting a large crowd of 8-10 guests.

Their “Spiral Ham Dinner” comes with 7-9 lb. spiral ham (fully cooked), Hawaiian rolls, and other sides that are enough to host a party, folks!

All these Holiday dinner menus are fully cooked. However, for a home-cooked vibe, allow 2 to 3 hours at home to heat the food perfectly.

Also, it doesn’t matter what holiday meal you choose, you would enjoy Unlimited free delivery to your home with FreshPass®.

However, keep in mind that the Thanksgiving dinner options changes with the location you select. While some Safeway locations offer all 4 menus, others might have fewer options. 

Moreover, don’t forget that Safeway doesn’t offer any discounts or coupons on these holiday food menus.

Because they are already reasonably priced, Safeway refrained from offering discounts on them.

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Safeway Holiday Meals Dinner Menu

Spiral Ham 8-10$69.99
Spiral Ham Fully Cooked  6-8 Lb
Scalloped Potatoes32 Oz
Sweet Mashed Potato 24 Oz
Casserole Green Bean 30 Oz
Spiced Apples 16 Oz
Homestyle Turkey 6-8$59.99
Turkey Fully Cooked 10-12 Lb
Mashed Potatoes32 Oz
Homestyle Stuffing28 Oz
Homestyle Gravy 24 Oz
Cranberry Sauce14 Oz
Prime Rib 5-6$89.99
Rib Roast Fully Cooked  3-4.5 Lb
Scalloped Potatoes32 Oz
Casserole Green Bean 30 Oz
Sweet Mashed Potato24 Oz
Spiced Apples16 Oz

Safeway Appetizers Party Trays

Square Snack Spinach & Boule $19.99
Alaskan 2 Lbs Snow Leg Surimi 6-8$19.99
Kicked Up Combo 4-6$21.99
Square Snack Club Sandwich $19.99
Sliced Cheese $39.99
Admiral’s Feast 6-8$29.99
Big Dipper16-20$49.99
Bounty Shrimp 8-12$39.99
Pinwheel /Hye Roller12-16$49.99
Finger Sandwich $49.99
Holiday Sweet 15-20$69.99
Wing Fling 12-16$59.99
Fine Cheese & Fruit 15-20$69.99
Lox & Bagel 10-12$69.99
Harvest 15-20$79.99
Cocktail Condiment 15-20$79.99
Mediterranean 15-20$89.99
Deli Pack20-24$89.99
European Cheese 15-20$99.99
Italian Sampler 15-20$99.99

Serving Hours of Safeway Thanksgiving Dinner

Usually, Safeway remains closed on Thanksgiving to allow employees to spend the holiday with their loved ones. However, as it is special for their customers also, they keep the stores open for reduced hours to give them a chance to pick up any last-minute emergencies.

Safeway Thanksgiving dinner7 am7 pm

How To Order Safeway Dinner

To enjoy Safeway Thanksgiving Dinner, you need to order them ahead of time so that you can have the food right on time.

You can either call 1-888-358-7328, visit, or visit the store to place your order.

When it’s time for delivery, you need to visit the store for pickup. There are no home delivery options.

Most Popular Safeway Thanksgiving Dinner Items You Should Try Right Now

If you are confused about what dinner option you should pick for your Thanksgiving eve, here are all the popular options for Safeway Thanksgiving Dinner Items.

Visit their website and get the meal that suits you to indulge in during the holidays.

raditional Homestyle Turkey Dinner

What’s a Thanksgiving dinner without a traditional turkey? The Homestyle turkey dinner platter contains a 10-12 lb. fully cooked turkey with 24 oz.

Home-style gravy, 28 oz. home-style stuffing, and 14 oz. cranberry sauce.

Safeway also included 48 oz. mashed potato and 12 ct. King’s Hawaiian Rolls go with the turkey perfectly. It is a perfect choice for a gathering of 6-8 people!

Super Delicious Prime Rib Dinner

For a ‘not so traditional” approach, this Prime rib dinner menu is the best. Consisting of 3-4 lbs. thoroughly cooked Prime rib with 12 ct.

Kings Hawaiian rolls, and 24 oz. freshly mashed sweet potato, this meal deal is perfect for 5-6 people.

Not only these, but this dinner platter also comes with 32 oz. baked scalloped potatoes, 23 oz. spiced apples, and 30 oz. green bean casserole to complete your dinner table. 

Special Spiral Sliced Ham Dinner

If you want to serve something different to your guests, get this spiral-sliced ham dinner platter quickly.

Safeway loaded it with a 7-9 lb. spiral ham, 12 ct. Kings Hawaiian rolls, 32 oz. baked scalloped potatoes, 24 oz. mashed sweet potato, 23 oz. spiced apples, and 30 oz. green bean casserole to make it a complete meal for your guests.

With one Spiral Sliced Ham Dinner, you can serve a minimum of 10 guests.

Mouthwatering Turkey Breast Dinner

This Turkey Breast menu is just the right one to choose for a dinner for two people.

It comes with 3.5 lb. boneless turkey breast, 12 oz. home-style gravy, 12 oz. home-style stuffing, and 14 oz. creamy mashed potatoes for a perfect holiday dinner platter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Included in a Safeway Thanksgiving Dinner?

Most of the Safeway Thanksgiving Dinner comes with mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, home-style graves, and Hawaiian King’s rolls with their signature dishes.

What is The Most Inexpensive Safeway Thanksgiving Dinner?

The Prime Rib Dinner is the most expensive menu on the Safeway Thanksgiving list. For a serving of 6-8 people, it would cost you around $90.

Which One is The Most Famous Thanksgiving Side Dish From Safeway Menu?

All four of its Holiday dishes (the turkey dinner, the Prime rib dinner, the turkey breast dinner, and the spiral slice ham dinner) are popular among the customers.

What Type of Turkey Does Safeway Thanksgiving Dinner Have?

Safeway offers whole turkey or turkey breasts for turkey dinners, depending on the menu type you choose.

Where Can I Get Safeway Thanksgiving Dinner?

You would get Safeway Thanksgiving Dinner on the Safeway website or in Safeway stores. There is no possibility of finding these dinner menus outside.

Final Thoughts

To make your Thanksgiving dinner even more enjoyable and tasty, the Safeway Thanksgiving Dinner menu is the right choice for you.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a dinner platter for two or a whole bunch of people, it has got you covered.

Just go through their site or menu card to find the most suitable one for your dinner table.

Follow some great recipes to enjoy this holiday;