Healthy Pistachio Oat No-Bake Cookies
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Healthy Pistachio Oat No-Bake Cookies

Soft and naturally sweet No Bake Pistachio Oatmeal Cookies are a healthy, dairy-free alternative to storebought cookies that you can feel good about giving your kids. No-Bake Pistachio Oatmeal Cookies Filled with nuts, dried fruit, and steel cut oats, these pistachio no bake cookies are easy for kids to get involved with making and will…

Instant Pot Chai Spiced Apple Butter
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Instant Pot Chai Spiced Apple Butter

Chai Spiced Apple Butter

Chai spiced apple butter is SO quick and easy to make in an Instant Pot multicooker or a slow cooker! This delicious homemade apple butter recipe has NO ADDED SUGAR! Can be served as a spread on toast or crackers, as a healthy dip for fruit or vegetables, a topping for meats, or even in desserts!

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Snacks for the Oscars and Best Picture Nominee Reviews

Easy Oscar Worthy Snacks for the Oscars AND Best Picture Nominee Review |

Snacks for the Oscars are as important as the Academy Awards themselves. At least in the eyes of this food lover. And if you ask my husband, they’re possibly more important.

Brian is guest posting for me today, offering his commentary on the nominees for Best Picture, as well as his nominees for best snacks for the Oscars. After all, I think everyone will agree that television watching of any sort requires tasty munchies. So let’s get to it! Here are our picks for the best Oscar worthy snacks to make for the Academy Awards!